Hey all, For you that may be new followers, or those who just may not keep up in my life, HEY! 😊 I’m Courtney. I recently became an Artistic educator for a brand called @PRAVANA


Through my few years (4) as a hairstylist, I went through a lot of moves, a lot of changes, A LOT of growth, and SO MUCH of uncomfortable BUT Great change.


My goal as a Hairstylist, as an educator, as a Friend, is to impact EVERYONE to let positivity into their life, and ACCEPT CHANGE!


Everyone goes through slow times, down times, sad times, but what we need to focus on, is the HAPPY times and the POSITIVE times. I’ve realized (after hearing it a billion times over again) that THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON!!! YOU ARE MEANT TO BE WHERE YOU ARE!


Here this year (my very first year) at annual training, I met so many people that are so impactful in my life. Such as all of Pravana’s Collective team. The way they educate, and help others is just so beautiful. A while back, I read an article about the head of the Collective team, Presley Poe. WOW! I’ve always been inspired by all of the collective, but.... Presley caught my eye and made me stop.


This article I read about her asked her this question β€œAdvice for a stylist just starting out?” And now by all means, I’m not β€œjust starting out” but I’m so open to learning and change that this question caught my eye. Her response was β€œDon’t give up! This can be a tough career choice.....” That sentence...just WOW. I felt so EMPOWERED. I’ve gone through so many moves and changes and growth in such little time and I WANTED to GIVE UP.


When I read this, my mindset changed. STOP COMPLAINING! Grow up. Life is always happening and changing so grow with it and BE BETTER. So that’s what I’m working towards. Being better, for my clients, for other stylists, for my personal relationships.


Just right when I wanted to give up because my career was being tough, I got the opportunity of my lifetime.... to grow within the pravana brand.


Fast forward a couple months


After this weekend of training I feel EMPOWERED to literally change my whole life!!!! and I am here, posting to tell you, this is my mission. My mission is to throw positivity and education at everyone that walks my way.


I just want to appreciate everyone who has pushed me and believed in me. And honestly, shout out to everyone who DIDNT believe in me because HERE I AM!!! Growing! Being Better! Spreading positivity! Being the best i can be for EVERYONE i cross paths with!


So here i am, Writing a blog, because i tried making a post for social media and instagram told me i had to many characters in my caption (i basically wrote a six page book). So i’m posting it all in here and then all of the pictures and a small introduction to this will be posted on my instagram.


β€œHow does pravana empower you?”

..... Well i had a hard time with this, because it made me actually think deep down and be like β€œhuh... why am i here”


So i thought... for a looooooooong time and i realized how many amazing people, and peoples actions i ran across that really empowers me.


Over the weekend i realized, this is what empowers me.. Everyone Else...

Β  Β  The way people think, the way they put action to something, the way pay attention and can explain something 10 different ways and still be so knowledgeable. they way everyone helped everyone else succeed. Because we are a family. It was empowering to see everyone work together and genuinely like each other and have fun.


So to appreciate a few people! Here’s who and why I was inspired and empowered from before my start of working with pravana all the way to this years annual training and going into my future.


So first, I want to start with this beautiful gal named lauren. Now let’s take it back to before I even started Phase training. I was extremely stressed, thinking I wasn’t good enough, desperate for positive affirmations from someone who went through it.

Β  Β  I came across lauren’s page and immediately was like YES.... She is the one I need to message. AND SHE RESPONDED!!!! She gave me such great advice. I was freaking out with excitement β€œomg she like actually cares to help me, wow there are nice people in the world”

Β  Β  So after that, I went through phases 1&2 life moved on and we didn’t keep up chatting. Fast forward to this weekend, I went to breakfast one day by myself and sat by myself......

Β  Β  Β  This girl... SO SWEET!! She came up to me and was like β€œgirl come sit with us” and even mentioned she remembered me from when I messaged her way back when and i was just like UGH!! SO SWEET. I was basically fan girling β€œomg she recognized and remembered me πŸ˜β€ You know the feeling lol I know you do.

Β  Β  So then since that action of her to choose to involve me, we exchanged numbers hung out and now are basically bffs who just live far away from each other... but hey, we are all looking for a reason to travel, am I right?

So, The next empowering people that I came across this weekend. Michael and Melody of Ross Micheal Salon. I AM CHANGED!!!! We sat with them at lunch and also had classes with them and I was just so impressed. The way they think with so much detail, The way they process and evaluate everything to become the most perfect application, the way they care about wanting to help you grow.

Β  Β  When chatting with them, I noticed Micheal gets so deep into his conversations into details that I never would have thought to go into. He is so genuinely curious on everyone’s creative process and how he can help you make it better or even just show you how to find that creative process.Β 

Β  Β  Melody is so precise in asking perfect questions so she can critique her work to be more than a perfect application. Questions and critiques, I hear her say and I’m just like β€œWOW!Β  I would’ve never thought to think like that.”

Β  They both really opened my eyes to conversations and how to dive deeper. How to get more of a creative process and how to explain that process to people who have never understood anything like that before. They challenged me to want to go home and start more of a creative process to grow at an awesome hairstylist!

Also, Stacy Brown. First of all he won educator of the year and it made me cry because HE DESERVED THAT!!!! During Phase one, he opened up to us about the challenges he had.

Β  Β  He proved to us that even tho he is a great educator and trainer, he struggles sometimes too and that’s okay. But other than that... he really cracked down. He beat us to our core (not literally) He fought for us to grow and do our best and to be able to progress within the company.

Β  Β  He was a genuine kind guy who really just wanted to see us succeed, so even for all the times we all wanted to rip our hair out over the color wheel or underlying pigment chart, He was patient enough to go over and over and over it again to make sure we were correct and it was drilled into our heads to never forget.

Β  Β  He showed me that even though you struggle, you can’t let that get in your way of helping others to thrive. And through all the craziness of this past weekend, IT WAS WORTH IT ALL!!! Because at the end of the day, we all love our pravana family and we will be there to listen to your struggles and help you grow from them.

Lastly, Marcie. She took on a HUGE ROLE! and for having all of that responsibility for not that long, SHE WAS AMAZING!!!!

Β  Β  Β  She showed me that professionalism isn’t about changing your personality based on who you’re around, just tweak it a little bit so you don’t get yourself in trouble. Personality is a huge part of being a hairstylist and being bubbly and fun isn’t a bad thing!

Β  Β  She taught me that you can take on any role you want, you just need to pursue it. You want it? ASK FOR IT!

Β  I related to marcie in so many ways this weekend, it made me feel more comfortable knowing, our pravana team members who sometimes have to act more professional sometimes, can also be fun and have personality. She is so genuinely caring and loving towards our pravana family and i am so glad i finally met the fashionable face behind the emails.

Β  Β  Β  Also a side note about marcie..... We have the same style and personality, so I get her. and having a person you relate to makes the pravana family even better than before.

All of these people and more empowered me to grow and be a better stylist and a better person. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to grow through pravana and start my new journey going forward.

Side note... There are so many others who impacted me this weekend, and don’t feel left out if you don’t see your name, because you know who you are and you know you impact me and empower me to grow and be the best i can be.

Β  Β  I’m excited to have an accountability group to stay in touch with to make sure we are being our best, and I’m so blessed for all of pravana’s team for always answering my million emails I send out. This is a year of growth and I’m excited for all of you to follow and support my journey of growing, and spreading positivity and education to the world!

Until next time,

Β  Β  Β  Β  CM, XO πŸ’‹

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