Technology, Fashion, and Beauty are growing together  

Here in Pittsburgh, these industries are growing together and making a change to the city. We started to see this during Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2018.

I was lucky enough to be a lead hairstylist for Elaine Healy and Sarah Sindler. Working with them really opened a creative eye and made my team have to pay attention to detail and make sure our looks matched the designers fashion ideas.  

They worked together to bring, fashion and fine art designs to explore how beauty expectations affect consumers. They showcased the “ugly parts of ourselves”  in hopes to illuminate flaws in a safe and accepting way. 

As a whole, Pittsburgh Fashion week Designers, Hairstylists, Photographers, Producers, etc... worked as an amazing team to promote this week of events all over social media and made it the huge talk of town.

All of us as a team had the chance to showcase our work and how we see the next year to come. 2019 brings many new trends and some we may have been used to before.  


Stay tuned to hear more about our future trends  


     Until next time,  



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