Why Pravana

There are a million reasons on why you should choose PRAVANA for the color and styling products you use on your head..... But I am not going to sit and lecture you for hours, so instead I will just name some of my favorites.

Lets start with Chromasilk Creme Hair Color. Our color has Silk Amino Acids and Keratin proteins to create vibrant results and amazing longevity. These come together to penetrate the color molecules into the hair and leave the hair shiny and strong.

Another awesome thing about Pravana Chromasilk Creme Hair Color is that you can replenish or in other words, Fill blonde hair and color darker in one process. It saves the client and stylist from unnecessary long processes. So going from a high level blonde, back to dark can be a simpler process.

Pravana also carries two Demi Permanent lines that are ammonia free. Our Chromasilk Express Tones have a heavy dye load to tone the hair in just 5 mins to receive the perfect color shade you are looking for. Another option is Color Lush, it is ammonia and MEA free. This gives a gentle and more conditioning option of color. Color Lush is also a great option for gray blending.

My favorite arsenal is the blonde arsenal. They have amazing lightening power to create beautiful healthy blondes. The Creme Lightener has Pure Coconut oil in it to provide gentle, nurturing formula to keep a clients hair softer and healthier.

Now, lets focus on our shampoo and styling lines.

My all time favorite is The Perfect Blonde Regimen. With its optical brighteners and dual violet system, it adds violet tones into yellow hair to neutralize unwanted tones and create The Perfect Blonde! Some ingredients are Coconut oil, lavender and chamomile to treat the hair to stay healthy, strong, and shiny! This is a great product to have at home in your shower routine.

Another favorite is The Intense Therapy Regimen. This set of products restores hair to be smoother and more manageable. This regimen is CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce breakage by over 98% !!!!! I wrote a full blog about this in the past about how I loved it for my hair specifically, so go check it out! “New Pravana Product”

Pravana also has a great daily shampoo and conditioner, Moisture Rich. This Duo is great for Color-treated hair, dry hair, and fine hair. It Contains elevated levels of Babassu and Brazil Nut Oils. These oils help hydrate and mend dry hair. The conditioner is a lightweight formula to strengthen the hair from the inside out. The Brazil nut oil helps reveal Shiny and healthy looking hair when finished.

One styling product I LOVE, is Invisible Control. This product won’t leave residue on your hair. This is a thermal protectant and heat activated to create internal styling control to give the hair amazing body, movement, and shine.

Another product is Model Behavior. This product will help define curls, add shine, polish styles, tame frizz, and create more of a natural, controlled movement.

Now Pravana has sooooo much more than what is listed above, but these are some key factors and favorite products to persuade you into letting me use pravana on you when you’re in my chair. This is a great brand and they truly care about other stylists as well as their consumers.

You can find out more information on www.pravana.com

Until next time,

            CM, XO 💋


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