So, You want extensions....

Lets talk about extensions… 

A beautiful creation that many of us (including me) are grateful for. They can create the perfect hair for you. Extensions can create fullness, or length. They are very customizable and can be made to look best on you. 

        There are many different types of hair to choose from. Before I break down all the types for you, lets go over some things you must understand before making the investment in hair. 

  1. Professional extensions are expensive. They are expensive because they are 100% real hair. They must be treated even more kindly than your natural hair. They go through 21 days of processing to create a healthy weft of hair. 

  2. The hair typically lasts 3-4 move ups, depending on how nice you are to them. You must move your extensions up every 6-8 weeks. Waiting longer than 8 weeks can cause matting and extra damage to your natural hair.

  3. You have to be careful of products you use on them. We suggest specific things for a reason. Because the hair goes through such an intense process to stay in good condition, it has all the proteins needed. No extra proteins need to be added. Many shampoos have added proteins that the extensions don’t need. 

  4. You must pull your hair back at night. Braid it, or put it in a low ponytail or bun. Added length being pulled around in your sleep can cause extra tension and potential damage. 

So extension types I offer are 

  1. Tape ins - These are individual pieces that come in packs of 10. You can get just one pack for some added fullness, or 4+ packs for a full head of length. These are great for all types of hair. They can be custom placed on your head to add even fullness and length throughout your head. 

-Tape ins are held together with a strong adhesive with a section of your natural hair in between. These can be shampooed as normal with proper products. 

  1. Hand Tied Wefts - This is a weft of hair, that someone sat down and hand tied to create a thin weft. These are great for thinner hair to add length. These extensions are sewn into your hair and have the least natural hair tension. 

  2. Machine Tied Wefts - These extensions are just like the hand tied wefts, but sewn together by a machine instead of by hand. Because they are sewn together by a machine, there can be more grams of hair added onto the weft to create a thicker look. These are great for people who have thicker hair.

-Wefts are a row of beads on your natural hair and then the weft is threaded on to the row of beads. These create a natural hair line with the least amount of tension. These can be shampooed as normally with proper products 

Tape ins are the most common extension bought and installed in clients because of the customizability. Hand tied wefts/machine wefts come in second as they are a big trend currently happening. Hand tied extensions are more expensive than tape ins because the installation takes longer and the packs come with different amounts of hair. Tape ins are a more affordable option. 

When looking at extensions, Price matters. Good quality hair is not cheap. The price pays itself off for how long the hair lasts when you properly take care of it. The hair you buy typically lasts about 6 months. 

Thinking about extensions? Book a consultation and we can talk more about what would work best for you! 

Until Next time 

CM, XO 💋

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