Maintain Healthy Hair

Remember my hair transformation blog back in the end of june? if not..... Go read it now because it’s important! Well it’s been about two months since then..... and I just want to update you all on my hair progress, and help you to grow your hair longer and healthier for the new year that’s coming soon!! 

So after resetting my life and health schedule, I found a routine that worked and stuck with it. I have been using all Pravana products (which are all extremely healthy and helpful to your sad hair). I have also been keeping up with collagen and biotin. With the help of these different things, i’ve seen positive changes in my hair and skin! 

Hair grows at about half of an inch a month. taking collagen and biotin may boost growth a little more. I’d say may hair grew about 2-3 inches since my hair transformation blog. I take biotin and collagen on a daily basis. 

As well as adding healthy amounts of vitamins to my hair diet, I give myself a good scalp massage every day or every other day. This will help stimulate your scalps blood circulation and help get extra nutrients into the hair roots. Who knew?  (This also helps relieve stress!)  😉 

One last thing to maintain lucious locks.... keep up with your regular 3 times a week shampoo and don’t shampoo more than that! You will start stripping your hair of the natural oils it needs to thrive and survive! Every Morning and every night brush your hair gently with a boar bristle brush. This will help disperse your natural oils throughout the rest of your hair! 

Keep your hair looking beautiful! Stay tuned for more tips!  


Until next time,  

CM,XO 💋 

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