Hair loss?

Are you losing a little more hair than usual? or a lot more hair than usual? Here are some reasons why you may be dealing with hair loss 

Now, remember... everyone loses around 100 strands of hair a day and it’s completely normal. 


So reason 1. you may be extra stressed, or anxious. Emotional trauma can trigger temporary hair loss. Usually once the stressor is gone, your hair starts growing normally again. 

Reason 2. Unhealthy diets. Not getting enough of your essential daily nutrients can deprive the hair of natural growth and development. What you eat, shows in your hair and skin, the healthier you eat, the healthier your hair and skin are. 

Reason 3. Iron deficiency/Protein deficiency. Not having enough iron in your body can cause hair loss, low energy levels, headaches, and low body temps. Thankfully we have iron supplements you can take to continue healthy hair growth. Lack of protein will also restrain your hair growth for a 3-6 month period... so make sure you’re getting your daily protein! 

Reason 4. Hypothyroidism.  This limits the hormones necessary for major body functions. Thankfully there is medication you can take to reduce this and help your body work the right ways. Also you can use a hair growth product to help reduce the hair loss this causes. 

Body imbalances are the typical cause of hair loss. Keep your mind and body positive and healthy and your hair and skin will follow the routine 


As always, i’m here to answer any questions you may have.  


Until next time,