I guess it’s a New year

Well “New year, New me” but not really. I started my “new year” a couple months ago. Something about me feels weird about new year’s resolutions.  

I am loving the 2019 trend of everyone taking more time for themselves. I feel as if the past few years people were so consumed in social media and other people’s lives. So because it is the new year and people are all about self care, i thought i’d go over my new routine i have been doing lately. 

1. Sticking to a schedule.

I bought myself a planner, wrote everything down in colors and made it all pretty. I have my planner connected to my phone too just in case I don’t have my planner.

I set time for EVERYTHING I need to do from waking up... all the way to going back to bed. Having things written down and “planned” give me more motivation to actually get up and do something!  

2. My morning and night routines. (I ruined this a little over holidays but it’s fine) 

I do my best to wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 every morning. This wake up time range gives me enough time to wash my face and drink a coffee. I like to slowly get ready in the morning and this planned wake up time gives me that opportunity. 

I start my night routine around 9 or 10. I get into cozy clothes, take off my makeup, shower and relax until bedtime. During this time I do my best to be off my phone and enjoy time with my boyfriend. 

3. My days off  

For a really long time I used all my days off as a little R&R. I felt as if I wasn’t getting anything done because I was relaxing too much. I’m working better to make my days off both relaxing and getting stuff done, because there’s always something that needs done. 

This is still something I am trying to get better at, I can’t lie.... I like naps. One day I’ll figure out how to not take as many naps as I do.  

4. Giving myself an end date.  

When setting goals and trying new things, I give myself time limits. If I go into something and say okay well I want to do this and when it happens it will happen, I wouldn’t be motivated to get it done. Saying I have 30 days to do this gives me motivation to make an awesome concept a reality.  

I am very realistic with my end date for my goals. If you aren’t realistic than it causes unnecessary stress... and honestly who needs that kind of stress?  


2019 is a year to get shit done! I have a lot more in store for you guys this year and I can’t wait to share all about it. What would you guys like to read or see or get advice on? I’m here for you and open to all ideas! So cheers to 365 days of new opportunities and ideas and growth.   



 CM,XO 💋💋 


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