My Skin and Makeup Essentials!

The past few months I’ve been IMPRESSED with how clear and smooth my skin has been looking. I think I’ve found the products I have  been looking forever for! 

 Everyone’s skin is different ..... So this is what works for me, it may be different for you. 

  So let’s dive in


Facial Skin Care  

  • Face Wash! Thanks to a wonderful local Business called KTHOM Beauty, I got a new love for the skin care line Arcona! I use the face wash twice a day and i am obsessed with how nice my skin has been looking. 
  • Moisture! I have also been obsessing over Pacifica Beauty! I use the Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream as well as the Wake up Beautiful Face mask. 

Both of these product lines listed above are 100% Cruelty Free!  


Makup Routine  

  • Primer! I have been using the NYX Hydra touch primer. This helps prevent dryness that typically shows on my face in the winter. This also creates a soft base for my foundation to sit on and look soft and smooth. 
  • Foundation. It took me YEARS to find a foundation that matched my skin tone and finally I HAVE FOUND IT! Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear in shade 0.1 (I’m so pale) 
  • Finishing powder! As my finishing touch I use NYX Stay Matte Not Flat. This locks in my foundation and creates a soft touch to my face without looking dull. 


Body Skin Care Routine 

who would’ve thought skin care follows along into the rest of your body, not just your face?! I swear no one talks about it!  

 I use Dr. Teals everything when it comes to taking care of my skin. 

  • Epsom Salts! I have the Relax&Relief. These are a great exfoliant and relaxant! I use these as a body scrub and then soak off in a warm bath to let the essential oils deep into my skin and help relax my muscles and mind. 
  • Body lotion! This lotion comes in different kinds. Mine is Rejuvenating with Eucalyptus and Spearmint. The minty smell of this lotion gives a cooling feel and helps prevent congestion throughout the body. 

They also have a bubble bath with the same scent. These scents promote relaxation and stress relief. These products will leave you feeling refreshed, and relaxed. 

Until Next Time.....  

       CM, XO 💋 

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