Experiencing LG

Oh wow 2019 event season is off to a great start! Our Hair and Makeup team for Pittsburgh Fashion week got to go back stage and help with quick hair and makeup changes. It was an experience to never forget.  

Being backstage really opened my eyes to how I LOVE my job! We started at 5:00pm with a few other local salons. We had beauty school students prep hair, while all of the licensed professionals finished the styles to be runway ready. Shortly after runway prep, the 4 members of PGHFW19(Michelle - Lead Makeup, Katherine -Coordinator of Hair and Makup, Nichole - Hair, and Myself - Hair) went backstage and prepared for the crazy quick changes that were about to happen. 

This year’s show looks were very natural. The makeup was very neutral and calm colors, and the hair was light in product and touseld to stay natural feeling.  

This show was a great challenge for me because we had to take slicked back looks into ponytails. We also had to take tousled ponytails into slicked back straight looks. Some moments we had very little time to change a look and I found myself with my shoes off, hairspray in hand, chasing after my models to make sure their hair looked perfect.  

The lunar gala opened my eyes to how awesome we can make the future of fashion in Pittsburgh! This event went so hand in hand to all the previous Pittsburgh Fashion weeks, it gives me so many good ideas for Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2019. 

Cheers to an amazing year coming, and get ready for the best fashion show of the year, We’ve been planning for months and have some great announcements coming soon! If you are any kind of artist local to pittsburgh that would like to be involved with pittsburgh fashion week, please reach out to us and let’s see what we can do! 

Stay inspired  

-CM, XO 💋 

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