Coffee can do what????

Welcome back, it’s been a minute. Planning great things for CMXO to come this summer, so stay tuned! So for now, Let’s talk about coffee!  

So, as you all probably know, i love coffee and it’s a big part of keeping me productive through the day (sips my latte). Well, recent research lead me to amazing facts about coffee.... are you ready for this? 

I don’t think you’re ready for this.... Coffee.... can restore hair growth and prevent hair loss!!!!! WHATTT?!? Best news ever! 

Topically applying coffee to the hair has many benefits! Coffee can stimulate the hair root and can improve the hair structure and growth! 

Coffee brew can create an amazing detangler. This will make the hair shaft smooth and strong! Deeper toned hair can also create a coffee rinse. This rinse will enhance the tone of your color. Also this will help create a silky soft texture, and can slow down hair shedding 

You can also do a deep oil scalp treatment with coffee oil. This will increase blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate the hair roots.  

WOW!! Who knew coffee could help your hair in so many ways? So crazy, must try for everyone! 

Until next time,  

CM,XO 💋 

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