Hair Expectations

As many have may seen through social media, I colored my hair blonde! I also will be the first to tell you it’s a process to go so light from being so dark. With the help of pravana’s amazing arsenal of products, my hair is blonde and healthier than I imagined. 

Because I am a hairstylist, myself and a coworker of mine did this process and paid products only. But realistically, for a client, this would be about 2 full days, and a $1000 process. Now I am not just saying this to be rude...... just real with you. 

My coworker and I spent about 5 and a half hours in the salon pulling out color. That time doesn’t include the 3 hours the night before to start the process, and the 6 more hours after the salon of more color correcting. A total of 15 hours and a lot of product.  

Now this makes a little more sense why I suggest breaking up appointments and being friends with the process. Color corrections can totally be done, it just takes time and money. 

So I realized my hair is very unrealistic to anyone who sees my transformation because we just see i went from black to blonde. Until this post I didn’t share the time it took. I didn’t even share the in between colors I had to go through first.  That’s why I wanted to write to you to explain it took a long time and a lot of crazy in betweens. 

Lets break it down a little bit. I extracted the color with a specific professional color extractor made by pravana. I used this 3 times. I then had my coworker put every single piece of my hair in foil. During the foiling process we used multiple formulas to create an even lift. I then mixed one formula to lift and tone one color out, and then another formula to lift and tone another color out.... and then just one more to finish creating the perfect beige tone i have currently. All of my formulas were mixed with multiple different tonal values and levels of developer. 

Sadly, it wasn’t as easy as looking at one single box and saying “YES! Thats the one!”  But it’s a lot more complicated. So next time you want to drastically change your hair color, please understand it is not as simple as it seems. But this is proof to all of my lovely clients and anyone considering to sit in my chair, that I can do it with patience, and a few dollar bills. Let me help you get gorgeous hair! 

Until Next time.......