Keratin... What is it?

Did you know your hair is made out of a protein called Keratin? Keratin creates a structural support for your hair skin and nails.  It is a naturally occurring protein that makes up about 65-95 % of your hair. This creates exterior protection and internal structure to the hair strand. 

Simple every day things can break down these proteins to create damaged or split ends. Different things like low quality water, chemicals, heat, and different environmental factors can break down these proteins. 

A few things you can do to prevent damage from occurring would be to.... 

1. Fill in gaps where the damage could occur. By using a porosity equalizer, this will fill any of the broken protein spaces in the hair stand for a temporary damage fix. My favorite is Pravana Intense Therapy Leave in Conditioner. 

2. Weekly treatments. Most deep conditioners have proteins in them. Look for this type and use them per instructions once a week. You don’t want to overuse because too much protein can also create damage.  

3. UV Protection. Use a leave in with uv protection in it to prevent damage from natural sun rays. During the hot summer days, the sun can be just as damaging as direct heat from a styling iron. 

4. Keep up Moisture. When the environment gets in your way of keeping healthy hair, you must make sure you keep your hair moisturized. This will diminish split ends and give your hair a shiny, healthy appearance. 

Keratin proteins play a large role in your hair routine. Make sure to maintain the health and shine of your hair by taking proper care and using the proper products. Also, remember, too much protein can damage the hair more. Be careful and follow the instructions on the product you buy. 


Until next time