Henna dyes.... Bad News

I’m going to be quick, simple and to the point with this blog. I feel the same way about henna as I do box color. 

Way back when, many people colored their hair with henna dyes when professional color wasn’t accessible to them. This trend has been coming back and growing with this “All natural” trend that is happening. Sadly, the henna you’re putting on your hair is 100% NOT all natural.  Most brands of henna dyes have PPD in them... which is a chemical that you can find in most professional color lines. They also have metallic salts in them, which is commonly found in grocery store box dyes. 

Henna can be extremely messy, and take a long time to process. Depending on the vibrancy you want, it can take up to 8 hours of processing! Compared to a salon professional color that only needs to process for 30-45 mins and creates just as healthy results.  

Once you color with henna, you can’t really do much color wise after until the henna dye is cut out. The way henna lays on the surface of the hair, it does not allow professional permanent color to deposit and change the tonal value of the hair. Going lighter isn’t very possible either because the professional lightener reacts with metallic salts in the henna dyes and creates bad chemical reactions. This will create similar or worse than bad box color reactions.  

Just please don’t use henna dyes because 5/5 times i have done test strands to go lighter..... the tests have smoked up, and melted right before my eyes.  

I want you to have healthy hair, and I know you want healthy hair, So just please consult with a professional about hair color before trying henna yourself. This is just as bad as box color.  

Until next time!